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Did You Know...

  • That 1 in 4 Americans Suffers from Bladder Leakage?
  • That 50% Can Be Cured or Improved Greatly Through Physical Therapy...Without Medicine or Surgery?
  • That Bladder Leakage is Big Business? The Consumer Products for Bladder Leakage Protection is a $14.2  BILLION Year Business.
  • That Most People Suffer in Silence with Bladder Leakage on Average for 6 Years BEFORE Ever Mentioning it to their Health Care Provider? (Reasoning most often cited is fear of surgery or medication).
  • Incontinence is the Malady Forcing Most Seniors Into Assisted Living?
Karen Sebastian is a Physical Therapist, married to an E.R. Doctor, with a heart for helping people who suffer from this silent epidemic. Karen herself suffered from bladder leakage after childbirth, and later in life suffered from urgent bladder syndrome. Both times, she was able to cure it herself through the kinds of exercises she teaches in her new video, "The Bladder Cure."

Karen Sebastian is available to you for interviews regarding how the pelvic floor exercises and lifestyle changes in The Bladder Cure can help people of ALL ages

  • Improve Your Sex Life...A LOT!
  • End the Life-Changing Interruptions of Urgent Bladder
  • Decrease the Odds of Ever Needing Medication or Surgery

For Interviews or Appearances, Please Contact Karen's Publicity Team:

Denise Dorman/WriteBrain Media
Phone: 630.845.4694
Email: denise@writebrainmedia.com

Terri Hartman/Hartman Media Group
Phone: 813.767.7915
Email: terri@hartmanmediagroup.com

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